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Cool2BeKind launch Isaac Brock Oct28 2016

The Cool 2Be Kind campaign is an initiative of the Winnipeg Police Association and focuses on teaching youth in grades K-8 (Winnipeg schools) the value of being kind.

Entering our seventh year, this positive behavior, anti-bullying initiative outlines the benefits of being kind to others and making good choices in school and in life. Students and staff are invited to create and submit a unique kindness proposal for their school with the opportunity to receive funding in the amount of $500 to see their program come to life.

Since 2013, Cool 2Be Kind has funded 145 school kindness projects totalling $72,500. Our off-duty police officers have spoken to over 50,000 students and educators. With the generous support of our sponsors, we are making a real difference by spreading kindness and helping to reduce the incidences of bullying in schools and online.

Register your Cool 2Be Kind school project to be eligible to receive a grant of $500. Cool 2Be Kind school projects should help teach K - 8 students the values and benefits of kindness to others. Your school project may be a one-time event or an ongoing program, however, must be completed during the school year. You may also incorporate the Cool 2Be Kind message and theme into existing anti-bullying projects which are also eligible for funding. All school project submissions will be considered for funding and you will be contacted within two-weeks of your submission.

Limit one Kindness project per school. Winnipeg schools only.

Deadline for submissions - Monday, December 31, 2018


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Cool 2Be Kind School Kindness Projects

  • Whyte Ridge School

    Whyte Ridge School

    Kindness projects focused on the book ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ and included celebrating kind acts regularly and through special events such as ‘FAB Fridays’ (Fill A Bucket Fridays).
  • Shaughnessy Park School

    Shaughnessy Park School

    Students received ‘Think Pink’ t-shirts as part of a student reward program for acts of kindness. Continuing with the ‘ABC’ (Anti Bullying Club) and the ‘Warm Hearts with Kindness' day.
  • École River Heights School

    École River Heights School

    Welcoming newcomers plus a drive for non-perishable food; hygiene products; and school supply kits for the children of families new to Canada plus raising funds for cancer research and a mental health fair.
  • Ralph Maybank School

    Ralph Maybank School

    ‘Kindness, Cooperation, and Respect’ are the values guiding all staff and students with a ‘Cool 2Be Kind’ week featuring a large board of written acts of kindness.
  • Queenston School

    Queenston School

    The ‘Small School with the Big Heart’ organized monthly kindness assemblies with a variety of guest speakers.
  • Prince Edward School

    Prince Edward School

    Be in the Pink – Celebrate Day of Pink in February to raise awareness of the benefits of kindness to others plus numerous student kindness activities throughout the year.
  • Pinkham School

    Pinkham School

    Created the ‘Mindful Minutes’ program for student reflection on kindness to others and positive behaviour.
  • Machray School

    Machray School

    Introduced the Virtues Project to staff and students helping to create a total learning environment of caring and respect plus a ‘virtues reward’ each Friday.
  • Linden Meadows School

    Linden Meadows School

    Started the ‘Kind Kids Club’ whose goal is to spread kindness to everyone and created kindness bookmarks for students which were hidden in books in the library.
  • Lakewood School

    Lakewood School

    Diversity and Acceptance: it's our Right! Students visited the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
  • Kent Road School

    Kent Road School

    Partners and Learning (PAL) program which aims to decrease bullying in school and the community.
  • École La Vérendrye

    École La Vérendrye

    Inspired by the film, ‘The Gnomist’, students built a miniature apartment block (like a birdhouse) placed in the school garden area.
  • Dalhousie School

    Dalhousie School

    Student Action Club Mentoring Program.
  • Chief Peguis School

    Chief Peguis School

    Kindness birthday cards & wishes plus numerous kindness activities throughout the year.
  • Bairdmore School

    Bairdmore School

    Kindness Counts poster / Kindness Jar / Secret kindness notes / Visits to West Park Manor Personal Care Home
  • École Riviére Rouge

    École Riviére Rouge

    Created an ‘Aanii’ library. Aanii is an Ojibway greeting meaning ‘I see your light’.
  • More Great Kindness Projects!

    Athlone School
    Kindness photo calendar for kindness 12-months a year.

    Buchanan Elementary School
    Books promoting kindness: Introduction to First Nations Culture and Tradition; Seven Grandfather Teachings: Character Development; and Howard Wigglebottom Learns About Bullying for each home room.

    Dr. D. W. Penner School
    Student groups formed to discuss bullying and the power of kindness plus volunteering & fundraising with D’Arcy’s Arc, an animal rescue shelter.

    École Dieppe School
    Kindness video production plus a students’ art book ‘Acts of Kindness’.

  • More Great Kindness Projects

    École Robert Browning
    Safe Schools committee (students) designed activities promoting kindness and inclusion on the playground and in school including two new slides in the playground.

    École Tuxedo Park
    Created an Outdoor Kindness Classroom: ‘Mide Anicnaabe Akiing’ - Kind hearted people of the land with custom log kindness benches.

    Glenelm School
    Established a BUDDY BENCH by retrofitting one of the existing benches on the property plus the program of ‘filling the buckets’ of others by being kind and a friend to those in need.

    Grant Park Middle School
    Started a ‘Beyond the Hurt’ program to increase acts of kindness plus the creation of a ‘Respect Team’.

  • More Great Kindness Projects

    Isaac Brock School
    #IBKind4Life -- Students embraced the practice of respect and kindness and tied it in with our learning about the 7 sacred teachings.

    John W. Gunn Middle School
    Visited a local senior citizens home to talk and play games with the residents and presented them with small gifts.

    River Elm School
    Kindness Week - organized and run by River Elm's Kindness Crew with year-round theme days such as ‘Mindful Mondays’ and ‘Thankful Thursdays’.

  • More Great Kindness Projects

    Springfield Heights School
    Focus on the Aboriginal perspective, inclusion, and Positive Behavioural Intervention Strategies (PBIS) to make a difference in each other’s lives plus a Buddy Bench and Recess Kindness program.

    Sun Valley School
    Be in the Pink – Kindness Days, a drive to support the Siloam Mission plus numerous student kindness activities throughout the year.

    Victory School
    Inspired by the #safewithme initiative, a #safewithVictory initiative was created including a special school assembly, video project, kindness art project, and kindness bulletin board.

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