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Cool 2Be Kind Kick off 2017

WINNIPEG, MB:  Today, at Lord Roberts School, in front of over 300 students and educators, George Van Mackelbergh, Vice President, Winnipeg Police Association (WPA) launched the 2017-2018 Cool 2Be Kind campaign. This is the 6th year of the anti-bullying-positive behaviour initiative.

The Cool 2Be Kind campaign was created by the WPA and helps to teach students in grades K-8 the value of being kind to others and making positive choices in school and in life.

“Students and educators are invited to submit a Kindness proposal for their school with the opportunity to receive funding in the amount of $500 to see their project come to life,” said Van Mackelbergh. “As each school Kindness project is designed by students and educators to meet the specific needs of the students, we feel it has a much greater chance of success.”

Over the past five years, the Cool 2Be Kind campaign has funded 113 school Kindness projects totalling $56,500.

Cool 2Be Kind Co-Chairs are The Hon. Heather Stefanson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Province of Manitoba, and Kevin Chief, Vice President, Business Council of Manitoba. The Celebrity Chair is Ace Burpee, Host, The Ace Burpee Show on 103.1 Virgin Radio.

“Cyberbullying is a major concern for parents, teachers and students alike,” said Van Mackelbergh. “Any form of bullying is unacceptable, however, the current level of cyberbullying presents challenges that were not present in the not too distant past. The Winnipeg Police Association believes teaching students the benefits of kindness is a pro-active, positive approach to anti-bullying. We want young people to know kindness works!”

Funding for Cool 2Be Kind school Kindness projects is provided by generous corporate sponsors. For a complete sponsor list visit:  “The Winnipeg Police Association thanks all sponsors for their kind support and we continue to invite companies, organizations and individuals to get involved,” said Van Mackelbergh. “A contribution of $500 will fund one school Kindness project.”

Students and educators from Winnipeg K-8 schools may visit and submit their Kindness proposal online. Select schools will receive $500 to see their Kindness projects come to life.  The deadline for Kindness project submissions is December 29, 2017.


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